Welcome to the Strapi Guru's blog

A little introduction and what to expect here.


I was never one for writing in a blog but after working for a company called Strapi (and to keep my sainity) I decided why not start one up to share my knowledge on the project. I have helped many people in the Strapi slack, on our Forums (where I am the forum admin), and various other mediums and decided it was probably best to have a place to document some of my off hour adventures.

Why the "Strapi Guru"

Through the years of working on the Strapi project as part of the community, there were two tags used to refer to me "DMehaffy (not strapi employee)" which was my old Slack handle (which I can no longer use, as I work for them lol). And "the Strapi Guru" as I was everywhere be that Medium articles, Youtube comments, Slack, GitHub, Stack Overflow, reddit, ect. If there was a spot on the internet talking about Strapi, most likely my name shows up in some capacity.

Some of my very early tutorials gained a ton of traction within the community, and really helped with some of the more devops related questions. Most of those are now out of date, but I hope to revive some of those useful resources and help bridge the gap in some areas that the official Strapi documentation can't or won't handle.

Is this blog only about Strapi

Absolutely not, I have many hobbies:

  • Cars (I own a 2020 Subaru WRX STI)
  • Building computers (of which I have built too many)
  • Server and Networking hardware
  • DevOps tools (Terraform, Ansible, Bash, Python)
  • Android ROM Development
  • Travel and Skydiving

You should fully expect that I will quite often venture down some deep rabbit hole of misc technology topics, or showing off fancy pictures of my car cruises through the Arizona/Nevada mountains.


I can't promise my guides will be useful for everyone but I will certainly try to write some to give what feedback and help I can. Please do keep in mind, this blog is a personal one. My words, actions, guides, thoughts, ect are all entirely my own and are not representative of Strapi or any of it's employees. I wanted a place where I could speak my mind freely and openly.

Look for some more posts in the near future as I have a lot on my list to write ;)